“ASIAN” Brand submersible winding wires having an outstanding electrical, mechanical, thermal & chemical properties. These are not only fulfilling the requirements of all available standards but even more better in many respects. These winding wires can withstand water abrasions & frictional losses.

We are using LME Certified EC grade copper for best quality & better conductivity. These copper is drawn & annealed to stringent specification. They are insulated with very superior grade of Polypropylene & Polyester.

Our range of wires is 0.4mm to 3.5mm conductor & outer diameter is as IS : Specification & also produced as per customer requirements.

Submersible Winding Wires

Our company is engaged in production and supply of the finest quality Submersible Winding Wire. That Is widely served to pump industries. We use 99.99% purity oxygen free ETP continuous cast copper rods and best quality BOPP and polypropylene tapes. Which makes our product far more superior.

Submersible Winding Copper Wires

If you are searching for high quality Copper Wires, then your search ends with us. We are the providers of world class copper wire which is recommended and preferred by some of the largest construction companies and telecommunication majors all over the world.

We manufacture Electrolytic Copper Wire which is of 99.99% purity free from all types of alloys. The material is drawn into various sizes of fine quality wire through a number of machines.


We supply and manufacture high grade Copper Wire which meets all international standards of quality and performance. Our large arsenal of pure copper allows us to manufacture all types of copper wires from 99.99% purity levels to mixed and alloys of copper. Additionally, copper wires provided from our end can be fully customized and tailor-made as per your specific requirements.





Product Quality

We are using LME Certified EC grade copper for best quality & better conductivity.